Things to do with finished coloring books

So we all know that coloring books are great. But really what do you do with them when you’re done? You can’t throw them away, and you really don’t want to just leave them hanging around and not use them for anything. Both of those options feel so wasteful.

The real questions is, what can you do with paper? When you think about it that way, the world is yours.

So I’ve put together a list of things to do with completed coloring book pages! I got so excited about this I made a pinterest board with all the ideas!

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Cover the playroom walls
So much better than wallpaper. Especially if the patterns are based on Wallpaper. Also did you know that coloring posters are a thing?

Use as wrapping paperApparently they make coloring wrapping paper… why buy it when you’ve already bought a coloring book? This works well for small packages. You can wrap a larger box with several pages taped together.

Or make a pretty bow
Wrap in plain paper and make a fancy bow!

Make a boxThis box would be so much better with designs all over it! This works well with tougher paper. Or make the box out of cardstock and cover it with your coloring page.

Make OrigamiThis works great for double-sided coloring books (a colored page on both sides). make little cranes, hearts, or anything else!

Make a mobileAlong the same lines of the two above, you can make small boxes or shapes, or origami shapes, and string them together to make a mobile. Or cut out a bunch of circles or squares and make a pretty mobile (see below)

Make Greeting CardsFold in half and half again. Use glue-dots to put in a blank piece of paper inside, and write a note. Ta-da!

Use as scrapbooking paperScrapbooking paper that looks like a little kid colored it is expensive. A coloring page your kid made with a cute photo of your kid with markers all over his face? adorable and affordable. Or, in the image below, use as a background for a silhouette effect.

Cut them up to make gift tags
Gift tags are expensive. There are tons of tutorials out there for adorable gift tags. Cut them into tag-shapes or little rectangles to use as-is, or use any of the tutorials out there and just use the coloring book page instead of scrapbooking paper

Make name tags
I always make name tags for my kids at the beginning of the year so I learn their names faster (though usually not this fancy…). They’d love one I colored myself!

Handmade bookmarks
You can make five or six book marks out of one page. Cut them into appropriate sized shapes using decorative-sided scissors, add some stickers (or maybe some embroidery right into the paper!) or leave them as-is. Laminate, cut a hole, add a ribbon!

Gift Card Holder or Money holder.
Here’s something both hand-made and thoughtful, AND what you really want but feel bad asking for!

Cut to make snowflakes
Yeah they would be busy snowflakes. This works really well with Mandala coloring books.

Cover your text books
You need to cover them anyway, so why not cover them in coloring pages? you can even cover them in blank pages for mid-class doodling, if that helps you think!

Make a journal, or just use as a journal
Use the pages to create a journal, or just write on the back sides or around the decorated pages.
Write a letter on the blank side and make it into an envelope. Or use the paper to create an envelope for a card.

Bunting, Paper Lanterns, or Garland
’nuff said.

There are tons of tutorials for paper jewelry out there! Just use your pages instead of expensive paper!

Paper Quilling
Gorgeous. Particularly with loops that are more open and not too tight.

(note, this link is a video)

Paper-quilting, collage, paper chains, or wall art

Cut out words or letters Cut out your favorite words (or giant letters) for your wall/door/fridge, etc.

(Sorry, I had a nerd moment^)

Make magnets
One can never have too many magnets. Literally.

Coasters or Mouse-padsBecause if you have to be an adult and have coasters, they may as way be coloring book coasters. (ALSO please note this is one of the only tutorials that shows you how to make your coasters WATERPROOF. you would think it would come with the territory but you’d be surprised.)

Christmas Ornaments
’Tis the season for homemade gifts. Particularly if you’re broke.

Thanks for reading, and leave me a comment if you have any ideas to contribute!

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