Legends and Liars

Legends and Liars by Julia Knight, narrated by Angèle Masters
Genre: Historical Urban fantasy, thriller, action/adventure
ISBN: 9781478960485
Pub date: November 10, 2015 by Orbit
Rating: 3

Legends and Liars was full of exciting moments with two of my new favorite characters. The writing was good and the wit was in rare form. The biggest problem I had with this book was there wasn’t any real plot. A lot of things happened, but there was no real plot that can be summarized in one word, asside from a lot of riding horses and trying not to die. Though trying not to die is really important! But it’s not really a plot.

I still enjoyed the book, and it did move the overall story along… I just wish there had been that one distinct overall thing to center everything. It feels like a bridge, not a stepping stone. I am already reading the third book in the series!

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About the Book

Legends and Liars is the second book in the Duelist's trilogy -- a fast-paced adventure from one of the most exciting new talents in fantasy.

Vocho and Kacha are brother and sister, and between them they've got quite a reputation. They were once know for the finest swordplay in the city of Reyes. The only problem is, ever since they were thrown out of the Duelist's Guild for accidentally killing a man they were sworn to protect, it seems everyone wants them dead. Including a dark magician whose plans they recently thwarted...

Now Vocho and Kacha are in the midst of an uneasy truce, not sure whether to trust each other, or anyone else for that matter. What's more, the sinister magician is rumored to have returned. Now he knows who was behind the failure of his last plan, he's determined to put a stop to Vocho and Kacha permanently.

And this time, the flash of steel may not be enough to save them.

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