Sword of Destiny

Sword of Destiny: book # of The Witcher by Andrew Sapkowski, narrated by Peter Kenny.
Genre: Fantasy
Pub date: December 2015 (Originally published in 1992)
Rating: 4.5

Sword of Destiny is one of the books earlier in the Witcher series. For some reason, the audio books were released out of order. I was totally okay with it, even though the journey has taken me around in a circle.

Gerald is younger and less grumpy (though less grumpy is still very grumpy by anyone else’s standards). We meet little Siri before she becomes Geralt’s Destiny (whatever that means) and get a little more insight on who they are, and how he and Siri became what they are today. It’s filled with mini-adventures that involve dragons, magic, mermaids, evil creatures, and our favorite sorceress, Yennifer.

There are a few sections where it feels like there’s a track missing, even though there isn’t. It jumps around and skips stuff and expects you to follow along and go with it, and I found it disorientating. Even with those few sections, and even though I listened to them out of order, it’s still an excellent adventure that I’d recommend to anyone who has a love of fantasy, action, adventure, and romance!

Content/Recommendation: Some sexual content, plenty of blood and gore. Ages 18+

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