Freebie Friday - Ten dollars?!

Just in case you forgot, there's a 2-book Audio giveaway of your choice over here!

Today's freebie is super easy and simple: $10. Yep, you read that right: ten bucks for free.

All you have to do is sign up for Ibotta.com. You will get cash back on all the stuff you are already buying. It's general stuff, too. Not weird stuff you've never heard of before. Some of the offers are general, too (for example: any brand hot dogs, or any brand oranges, or any brand milk etc).

I mean, it's stuff you're buying anyway. Might as well get cash back, right? 

It's super easy, too. You can scan your receipt, or hook up your loyalty card and it reads your purchases automatically. 

I've used this app twice, and I've gotten more than $20 back!

Not only that, if you sign up and then get your friends to sign up, you get an extra $5 bonus! So even if you download it and never use it, but get your friends signed up, you can literally make money off their app downloads.

Click here to sign up through me to get your ten bucks (or use Referral code psespao) And THIS OFFER AND CODE doesn't expire!

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