Christmas Ornaments that don't suck

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Christmas is 17 weekends away.


For those of us who have no money, make all our gifts, and only have one day off a week, weekend crafting is the answer to Christmas gifts. This year, on top of gifts for 30+ people, I am also planning a wedding. So I decided this year, everyone is getting ornaments. EVERYONE.

Now of course they're still going to be awesome, adorable, and handmade. But ornaments all the same.

So, I've compiled a Pinterest board of Christmas Ornaments that Don't Suck! Here are a few of my favorites.

This isn't a DIY, it's from Etsy, but the inspiration is all we really need, right?

PDF instant download for these cuties

technically no longer available from Etsy, but super pretty! Anyone want to put together a DIY for this?

I love this one

Check out the whole collection below!

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