10 Things Your Office Needs ASAP

Hello friends! Hope your Thursday is as great as mine. I'm pretty excited because my office is moving to a new building in November! I can't wait to decorate my space.

Whether you have a home office, a school desk, or work in a building with others, here are some essentials you need to help your office become your happy place! You're spending 8+ hours a day there, why not enjoy it?

1. First of all, make sure you keep your most important tools safe and healthy: your hands!
Memory Foam Wrist Keyboard and Mouse pad by Cushion Care

You know how sometimes you don't know you need something until you have it and you're like "wow I wish I'd gotten this sooner." That's how I feel about this awesome set.

2. A place for your files, calculator, and stapler 
Organizer, $22.87, available in black and silver

3. A buddy to keep you company, and help you out!
Weiner dog tape dispenser and paper-clip holder, $12.75

4. And a buddy to hold your sticky-notes
$5.52 , available as an ad-on

5. A stapler that doesn't require more than a touch of a finger
Swingline low force, $14.39

6. The best organizer you'll ever own

7. And the best pens to put in that organizer
Uniball Vision Needle, Assorted colors, $10.92

8. An adorable microfiber duster to keep your space tidy
$8.98, washable, comes with an extra cover

9. A Whiteboard/corkboard/calendar/photo frame to help you stay organized
Board with photos, $39.99/ Board with Calendar, $15.21

10. and finally, A sign for your front window, so everyone knows your priorities
$5.99 from Mind your Magnets

Thanks for reading! 

Special thank you to Cushion Care for sending me the wrist protector set for review. The Life and Lies is an Amazon Affiliate. Your clicks and purchase through my link helps keep TLAL online!

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