Five things you can do with your FREE Bluetooth Waterproof speaker

What can you do with a waterproof speaker, besides using it in the shower?

1. Music by the pool or beach. Having a pool party and don't want to risk ruining your fancy schmancy speaker system? Hook this thing up, pair it to your phone (safely inside your bag or house) and enjoy!

2. Put it in your car. Is your car still stuck in the dark ages? Hook your bluetooth speaker up to the rear view mirror and jam out.

3. Clip it to your backpack while you go on an adventure to the park, hiking, camping, etc. Now you can take your music anywhere!

4. Clip it to your bike. It's dangerous to ride a bike with headphones; you can't hear traffic around you! If you use a speaker, you can hear your music safely, and still be aware of your surroundings.

5. Hide it and scare your roommates. Put it under the couch, in the closet, in a kitchen drawer, and play scary music or voices through it. Be sure to videotape results.

I'm giving away this bluetooth waterproof shower speaker by SoundSOUL! You can see my Amazon review of the product here.

USA Only! Must be 13 or older, or have parent permission.

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  1. I hadn't considered a portable speaker before, but that's a great idea. The volume on my phone just isn't sufficient for audiobooks when I have the windows down.

    1. it would definitely be sufficient for an audiobook. it has good volume to it!



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