Review: Hope and Red

Hope and Red, by Jon Skovron
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
ISBN: 9780356507125
Published: June 30th 2016 by Orbit
Rating: 4

There are 2 things I want to say about this audiobook.

1. The narration does not fit the feel of the book. The narrator would be great for a kids story but not for an adventure story like this. So if I were you, I would read it, not listen to it.

2. When I first started it, I had my doubts; but about 2 chapters in, I knew I was hooked. Even though the narration irritated me, this story is so involved, exciting, entertaining, and all-consuming, that I am dying for the next one. I am so excited and will be waiting for the release date.

If you love adventures, pirates, revenge, and a little hint of magic, this one is for you.

Content/Recommendation: Some violence and mention of sex, but no sexual content. Ages 16+

About the book:

In a fracturing empire spread across savage seas, two young people from different cultures find common purpose. A nameless girl is the lone survivor when her village is massacred by biomancers, mystical servants of the emperor. Named after her lost village, Bleak Hope is secretly trained by a master Vinchen warrior as an instrument of vengeance. A boy becomes an orphan on the squalid streets of New Laven and is adopted by one of the most notorious women of the criminal underworld, given the name Red, and trained as a thief and con artist. When a ganglord named Deadface Drem strikes a bargain with the biomancers to consolidate and rule all the slums of New Laven, the worlds of Hope and Red come crashing together, and their unlikely alliance takes them further than either could have dreamed possible

About the Author:

Jon Skovron is the author of several Young Adult fantasy novels, including Misfit, Man Made Boy and This Broken Wondrous World. His first adult fantasy series, The Empire of Storms, began last June with the release of Hope and Red, published by Orbit Books. The Barnes and Noble SF&F blog said "Skovron’s briskly-paced story doesn’t skimp on the world-building—and thank goodness, because it’s quite a world", and author Sam Sykes described it as "Furious where it needs to be, deceptively tender where it can get away with it, adventurous all around." The second book in the series, Bane and Shadow, will be out February 2017.

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