What to do with a watermelon on a Saturday afternoon

I got a free watermelon slicer for and popcicle molds for review, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone (well several birds actually) and try out my watermelon slicer, my popsicle makers, and give you an awesome recipe all in the same blog post
Look at me. Oh yes, so good.

First, cut the watermelon.

I loved the plastic red thing, it was great because I didn't worry about cutting off my finger while I cut up the watermelon.
I liked the melon baller, the carver was meh.
The slicer itself was... lacking.

It left a lot of the fruit behind and cut it in a weird shape, so I gave up and just cut it like a normal person (see video).
*EDIT* I did go back and see I used the slicer upside down. I got another melon and tried again. It was better, but i found it easier to cut normal with a knife and use the red wedge to cut if off, as shown in my video. again, I REALLY like the red wedge.

If you have ugly watermelon… blend it.

Recipe: Watermelon Popsicles
  1. put watermelon in a blender.
  2. add some OJ (about a fourth as much oj as you have watermelon)
  3. Add a splash of cool-aid or Hawaiian Punch (for extra sweetness)
  4. put in your handy dandy nifty popcicle makers and freeze.
I really like these things, they were easy to use, snapped onto the base well, and stood up in the freezer! They came with two silicone ice pop molds, which were tricky to sit up in my freezer, but I finagled it.

(Take the rest of the blended watemelon/oj mix and throw some American Honey in that sucker.)

If you have pretty watermelon… you can make it drunk.

put it in tuperware, pour in your favorite poison, and let it sit in the fridge for a bit until it soaks it all up.
Happy Saturday!!!

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