5 Benefits of Bergamot

I got a lovely huge bottle of Bergamot Oil from New York Biology for me to try out. Bergamot is a citrus fruit and it’s slightly reminiscent of oranges, with a bit of earthy smell behind it. I’ve put it in my roller tubes for topical use, and used it in my diffuser; I love it! It’s very strong and smells delicious.

Bergamot is an amazing oil that can do a lot for you!

1. Bergamot promotes clear and healthy skin. Some people use it for healing scars! Mix with a carrier oil, or use just a tiny bit directly on your skin (test your skin sensitivity first!)

2. Useful as insect repellent; mix with some lemongrass and diffuse, or mix with a carrier oil and put directly on your skin as a bug spray.

3. It has healing and antiseptic properties. Bergamont can be used to treat a variety of issues, including acne, fungus, infections, and intestinal worms. Note, please check your oil before consuming internally! Not all oils are designed to be used internally. Some say it can help prevent cavities.

4. It is a very strong calming agent, good for relieving muscle tension and stress. It can be used as a sedative.

5. Stimulates hormonal secretion, which can aid in depression, bi-polar disorder, lowering blood pressure, and general health.

Special thank you to New York Biology for sending me this oil!
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  1. super interesting! I'll give it a try.




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