Annmarie Essential Oils sample review

Somewhere at some point, someone posted a link to this website offering free essential oil bottles from Annmarie.

I'm always up for free bottles of essential oil. So I went for it. You only pay shipping (which was like, seven bucks. In hindsight, not worth it. It came in a bubble bag and there's no way it cost seven dollars to ship it to me).

The set came in with the two bottles in a little burlap bag, four cards (which were wrinkled due to bad packaging) and a statement of my purchase.

As far as the bottles of oil, the photos on the site were deceptive. I thought they'd be full size bottles, or at least small bottles, but they were sample bottles. Here's a photo for comparison.

baby bottles

That's okay. It was a free sample after all. And I checked again using a different email, it never specifically says on the site how big the bottles are. 

As far as the oils themselves, I loooove the Love  blend. It smells like roses (and something else, maybe Lilacs, or Frankincense? Jasmine?) It was sweet and earthy at the same time.

The Passion was more fruity and flowery. I like them both but I prefer the Love. 

I will probably order full size bottles of the Love blend, if I ever manage to get an extra $50 hanging around, although the whole overall experience has left a disappointing taste in my mouth. Again, when you think you're getting something and you get something else, it doesn't feel good. And when you pay for it and it's a quarter of the size you thought it would be, it's frustrating. I recommend Annmarie drop the shipping cost or waive it all together. You're trying to get customers! Give them a treat, win them over.

Annmarie also has makeup samples, and skin care samples

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