Better Eating Challenge, week 2!

I survived the first week! I didn't eat out, and I didn't eat sugar with every meal, and I worked out five days! You can see my meals and workouts by following the #bettereatingchallenge tag on instagram and Facebook.

This week, I'm not going to be able to do a perfect job. I'm only in town today and tomorrow, then I'm out to my hometown of New Bern NC to help my sister get ready for her wedding on Saturday! I'm going to work out today and tomorrow, and I might be able to get into the PF down in New Bern, if I have an extra $5 hanging around.

But it's a better eating challenge, not a perfect eating challenge.

My meals this week:

Graze snacks
Peanut Butter or Avocado Toast

Baked Potato covered in amazing goodness
Cheese, Chicken, and black bean quesadilla

Pasta with sauce (red or white) and chicken, steamed broccoli
Spinach, mandarin oranges, chicken, and blueberry salad with vinaigrette (if you haven't tried this, TRY IT IMMEDIATELY).

I'm telling you, guys... I already started feeling less crappy, even after two days. More energy, less sluggishness. Hoping I can keep the sugar to a minimum with the wedding this upcoming weekend!

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