Finding Inspiration When There Doesn't Seem To Be Any

"Oh God I need to write a blog post."
"I haven't blogged in (length of time)."
"Help what do I write about?"
*google searches "blog post prompts"*

I've done that. Many times. In fact The Life and Lies died at one point, (well okay, several points) and it's only recently that I've been able to get back in gear. Eventually I'd like to do a blog series about how I got it alive again, but that's for another day and another time.

I've found that blogging prompts and writing prompts don't help me. My articles need to come from internal inspiration. That's what makes me a writer: I take what I know and create something with my knowledge and experience.

So here are the things I do when I don't know what to blog/write/journal about.

1. Get on Pinterest. Look at the stuff I've pinned before, or just browse stuff on my home page. Don't search anything specific, just browse. Find stuff you like and look at it and let thoughts come naturally. When I browse Pinterest, I find something to write about within 20 minutes.

2. Go through your old photos or Facebook memories. Write about one of those photos and--this is the important part--why it's special, and how you changed as a person because of the experience.

3. Make a to-do list. Not a blog to-do list, but an actual "things I have to do today." Don't let blogging be a part of that list. If you're like me, your list is a gazillion miles long. And one of those things might be "mix up some more all natural bathroom cleaner" or "back up computer on external hard drive" or "re-organize the laundry room." Any one of those things could be a blog tutorial. Just take photos while you do it, and write it up later!

4. On that note, make any kind of list. Lists are great ways to start thinking of things in categories. Most of my blog posts either are lists, or were inspired from lists. 11 Things you need in your bathroom ASAP, or 5 ways to survive a hurricane, or 10 things you can do on a Saturday when it's raining. etc.

from http://compasssocialstrategies.com/blog/

5. Get on Canva (A great online image creator for blog and social media graphics). No seriously, I found at least 8 new blog post ideas just looking at their templates and pre-made designs. You can also get on your favorite stock photo website (here's a huge list of the good ones) and just find images you like. Visual images create mental stimulation! If you're a creative, you will find inspiration everywhere.

6. Call your mom. Yeah I know, weird. But chances are she'll say something you'll be able to blog about. Most moms do. If she doesn't say something within five minutes, straight-up tell her "Mom I need a blog post! Help!" Moms are great at helping, especially when you ask. And you might not end up writing exactly what she says, but it might be enough of a kickstart to get you thinking on the right path.

from http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/05/12/stress.mother.voice.call/

7. When all else fails, Quit for the day.

Say what?

Get on Netflix and eat your favorite comfort food. Go on a walk. Go to the gym. Have a drink. Read a book. Read someone else's blogStop trying to force it. A forced piece of writing is the worst piece of writing... sometimes you just need to open up your hands and something will fall in. ;)

from https://formingtogether.wordpress.com/2015/10/01/with-open-hands/

How do you find inspiration when you are lost?


  1. I found your link on blogging for breakfast and glad I took time to find your blog and read this post. I always seem to get in ruts, especially now that my girls are older and it's easy to get discouraged by other more "polished" blogs...lol. BUT I do it more for myself as a creative outlet so I try not to compare too much. I recently decided to take part in the write 31 days challenge and it's been fun, though I still get "writers block". I certainly need new ways to become inspired so I can't wait to put some of your advice into practice

  2. Oh wow! Just what I needed to read! Thank you for this very helpful post.
    One way I generate ideas is to read old blog posts I've written. Maybe it wasn't very popular at the time and I can spruce it up and repost, whereas popular posts might inspire me to write more on that topic.



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