My Incredible Luck with Electronics (or lack thereof)

When it comes to phones and other electronics, I have the worst luck ever.

It's like I can't hold onto anything for more than a few years. Headphones, cell phones, mp3 players, even computers. I can't win.

Here are a few examples.

1. The Zune Mis-adventures.

My first mp3 player was a Microsoft Zune, 1st generation, 80 gig, in the brown color. It was a poop-brown color so we got it for $80 instead of the $200 that the sleek black one sells for. I loved that thing, and wore the crap out of it. It was like a paperweight; it survived me! It survived being dropped out of the car window, being thrown out of my backpack, falling out of my pocket, falling off the top bunk, etc.

Took it to college, hooked it up in the dance studio while I was training one day. went to the bathroom, came back. it was gone. Someone took my zune.

I was so sad.

Got another one about a year later. A 30 gig this time, and by now Microsoft has stopped selling them, so they were wildly expensive. The brown was still less expensive, about $60 instead of $400.

it got stolen out of the same exact room.

You'd think I'd learn, but apparently not.

2. The Cell Phone disaster(s)

>First cell phone: lost it.
>Got a walmart cheapass burner phone, went to AT&T and had them switch my service to the craptastic phone.
>Found the first cell phone, never switched it back.
>Guy broke into my house, stole my burner phone.
>Swapped number back to original phone that I lost and then found.
>Phone started acting funny and the screen wasn't working well.
>Canceled that number because it was super expensive anyway.
>Got a Total Wireless phone.
>Dropped it in a mop bucket of water.
>Got the same Total Wireless phone and swapped my new number over to that.
>That new phone was a lemon.
>Company agreed to replace it but wanted me to mail mine in first (which left me phoneless for over a week).
>Canceled that phone because it was a POS and the service was bad.
>Took over my dad's old number and phone when he got a new job.
>Now everyone calls me and asks for my dad.
>...And now that phone won't hold a charge.


3. Computer shenanigans.

In college, I got a laptop. I got it through the university using my scholarship. I loved that laptop! It was a great Dell.

Then after three years of use, it was barely holding on. It would randomly shut off, several of the keys didn't work (the E, S, H, I, L, and Spacebar) and the disk reader didn't work. I was making due.

Until one day when I threw it across the room.

Well okay it was less tossing it across the room and more it was in my backpack and the zipper wasn't closed, and I swung my backpack up onto my shoulder and the laptop went flying.

It didn't completely die, but the screen was totaled. Completely blue and didn't do anything.

I took it to the library with my external hard drive and had them hook it up to a secondary screen, and used that to get all my files off it.

Flash forward now I have a laptop again, and after 3 years... guess what...

No I didn't chuck it across the room, but it is starting to act funny. It randomly turns itself on (not off, ON!) and if you plug in my ipod or start up itunes, forget it, you can't do anything for the next four hours. My disk reader doesn't work (again).


4. Last story: the CD player in High School.

In high school I danced 25 hours a week. And if I was standing too close to the CD player, it wouldn't play. If I walked to the other side of the room, it would play fine. But sometimes it just threw a fit and wouldn't play our music. Miss Laura would tell me to go away and then she'd be able to start the music, and then I'd run back to my spot.

This is my life *shrug*


  1. You are not the only one. My kids have repeatedly tried to destroy my gadgets but can't survive without technology in this era!

  2. You are not the only one. My kids have repeatedly tried to destroy my gadgets but can't survive without technology in this era!



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