No, your Amazon Reviewing career is NOT over.

So on October 3 2016, Amazon changed their review policy to say you can no longer review an item you got for free in exchange for a review. They call this "incentivized reviews." I'm a member of about 15 review clubs (see my Free page) and 21 Facebook groups. Suffice to say, my news feed was full of panicked and pissed off reviewers.

I have 4 things to say about this.

1. Amazon can do what they want. And you can also do what you want. As a clever adult, it's your job to make sure those two things fit together. And trust me, they do.

2. You can still review items you get for free. You can no longer say "I got this item free in exchange for review." You do still have to disclose it was free. So how do you do it? What I like to say is "Someone gave this to me," or "I got this as a gift," etc. You're saying it's free, but it has nothing to do with your review (which it shouldn't anyway).

Here are a few screenshots to show you that I know what I'm talking about. These happened in some of my facebook groups:

3. There are lots of ways to review items outside of Amazon. You can start a facebook page. You can start a blog (and I have some  tips for new bloggers right here!). You can do youtube reviews/funny videos. You can do a pinterest board or an instagram or twitter post. And since you're doing that anyway, check out Tomoson. They have you post stuff all over the place, and when you get really good you can eventually earn money for tweets/instagram posts.

4. This actually makes your life WAY easier. Do you have that one item that you just don't have time to review, or that you just don't want to, or you don't have anything good OR bad to say about it? Or maybe the seller is harassing you? Guess what; you're no longer committed. Reviewing just got fun again! You do what you want, and nobody can make you do anything.

So please, calm the fuck down. And keep doing what you love.


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