Quotes to live by - on Challenges

Quotes to Live By is a blog series of the most important things anyone has ever said to me, sharing them, and then explaining why they're so special and important. Hopefully you can find some truth in them the way I have.

My dad is filled with puns and jokes and interesting anecdotes. I've already done a post on one of my other favorite quote by him.

He's an artist, and he taught art classes at our art-supply store for a long time. And the kids in class would complain about the project saying, "This is hard! I can't do this!"

And his response? 100% of the time?

You can do hard things.

It seems fairly obvious. But after hearing it for years and years and years, guess what comes to mind as soon as you think to yourself, "this is too hard"?

It's like a conditioned response at this point, guys. No matter what comes up, if something's hard, yeah okay, it's hard. Welcome to the life and ies. Life is hard. That doesn't mean you can't do it, it just means you're gonna have to put some effort forward.

And when you can do hard things, you can do anything.

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