Quotes to Live By - on Depression, Joy, and Focus

We all have that thing we say, or that our friends say to us, or things that hit us like a rock and never leave us. I've started collecting them and I'm going to share them with you. One quote at a time, one story at a time, a little tidbit for you to hold onto.

I've struggled with depression since I was about nine years old. That's pretty young to start struggling with crap like that. Most of the time I was okay, but occasionally I would get so down and upset, and I'd get stuck that way. Unable to think clearly, unable to find happiness or joy in anything. And I was a pretty happy kid. 

My mom said something once that jolted me out of my funk. To this day, if I can force myself to do this, it will pull me right out of blackness and back into light.

Go find something to do... Doing is a way to get your body and mind synchronized and focused on something outside of your thoughts.

...for someone else... when you can focus on loving and serving and blessing others, you find joy... true joy.

...and do it quietly. Don't brag about it. Don't post about it on Facebook. Just do it, for that person to be blessed. Do it anonymously. Do it for their benefit, not for your reputation. 

Why does this work?

Thing is, when I'm depressed, it's because I'm looking in. I'm focused on myself, and I'm focused on how I feel, and what's happening in my life, and what's wrong with me, etc. 

One of the reasons Jesus told us to love our neighbors is because we were made in His image, and we were created to be social creatures. We were made to serve and help each other.

So when I get down, if I can go find someone who is actually in need, if I can find something to do to help someone who really cannot help themselves, if I can force myself to look out of myself and into someone else, and up towards the Glory of the Most High, my thoughts are re-directed towards what's really important.

Everything falls into place.

So if you're having a down-day, a black-hole day, if you can't find the strength to even get out of bed... go find something to do for someone else, and do it quietly. 

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  1. This is so true. I have also been depressed multiple times and every time I get depressed because I am thinking so much about how I feel and how much time I am wasting of being depressed, the hardest thing is to notice that only yourself can make you depressed and also get out of it. Thanks a lot for this honest and open post. It should be more posts like that. Depression should not be hidden


  2. Oh my, I really needed this today. I'm sick of being sick of things! And this really helped me realise that I am the only one who is causing this rut. Thank you

  3. That is a beautiful quote. Thank you for sharing your inspiring words.

  4. What a beautiful quote. It will be on my mind today.

  5. I love quotes and always look for all different types wether it be for anything but mostly my day to day life and what I am feeling my best two quotes I always go by Live, Laugh, Love & Live your life to the fullest (: The best quotes ever for me!

  6. Wow.So powerful and so true. I think everyone needs to do this. Everyone. Thank you for sharing.



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