Quotes to live by - On Focus and Self Control

Quotes to Live By is a blog series I'm doing taking some of the most important things anyone has ever said to me, sharing them, and then explaining why they're so special and important. Hopefully you can find some truth in them the way I have.

When I was a kid, I was what my mother called a "doddler." I would sit at my desk or at the table or in my room, stare at the wall, or look out the window, and go on exciting magical adventures in my head. I've always been able to step outside my body and into another life, another world, and feel it like it's mine. That's what makes me a writer.

But it frustrated my mom.

She thought I just didn't want to do my schoolwork, or that I was lazy, or that I was unfocused. I was very focused; on my adventure! I just couldn't focus on what she wanted me to focus on. I couldn't turn it off.

original poem: http://poetrynook.com/poem/one-thing-time

She made me memorize this poem in hopes that it would remind me to keep work and play separate. It did. I still doddled a lot and wasn't a very good student (like, ever. I never grew out of it). The poem didn't really change me until I got older, in college and beyond. It's still a struggle to stay in my work and out of my head, but I have the self control to be able to do what I need to do.

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