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Quotes to Live By is a blog series of the most important things anyone has ever said to me, sharing them, and then explaining why they're so special and important. Hopefully you can find some truth in them the way I have.

One of my mentors and ballet teachers, Eileen Juric, is full of great sayings and silly words. She likes to make up funny phrases to help the kids learn technique. But along with the silliness of "stinky mushy puppy poopoo arms" and "Michael Phelps Phlaps" she also has some real gems.

Very much along the same lines as the quote by my Father that I featured yesterday, this line is one she throws out when she introduces a hard combination. It's basically saying "Look this is going to be hard, and you're going to struggle with it. And that's okay." 

In fact it's a good thing. We have to struggle sometimes. If we don't struggle, we aren't going anywhere. We need to look forward to the struggle as a new challenge to conquer. It's going to be hard, and it's okay that we aren't going to have it perfect the first (dozen) times we try. 

In fact one thing that Eileen does in her classes that I've never seen any other teacher do is congratulate the students on struggling. It's not rare to hear "Who struggled with that?" or "Wow, you really struggled with that," or  "That was a good struggle, I'm proud of you." etc. This teaches kids that struggling is okay, and is a good thing. They become less afraid of working hard, and less afraid of failure, because they don't see struggle as failure anymore, they see it as a job well done. 

The only failure is not struggling

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