Redevino Wine Aerator

I was lucky enough to get a wine aerator from Redevino for review! I have wanted a wine aerator for a while now, because waiting seven minutes for my cab to air out takes patience, and that’s not something I’m good at.

It was packed well in a very sleek box. It would make a lovely gift! The instructions were okay, I wish the pictures had been a little bigger. I managed to figure it out pretty easily. I love that it sits right on top of my wine glass and I don’t have to hold it with one hand and pour with the other. Can you imagine the disaster that would be?
It even has a little holder to stand it up on, so it doesn’t lay on the counter and fall apart. It’s super easy to clean because of the way it assembles and disassembles.

After sipping the wine immediately after pouring through the device, it was definitely different than without having aerated at all. I let it sit about a minute longer, and that’s when it really tasted great.
It’s convenient, sleek, and a great shortcut!

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