7 Secrets for When You're Coming Down With Something

I have a pretty good immune system, and when I do get sick it's rare (which is amazing, considering how many children sneeze in my face). I have a few things I do when I think I'm getting sick. I can always feel it because the first thing to happen is my adams apple swells up and hurts. That's warning sign #1, and it means I have one day to do what I need to do to avoid getting sick.

So here's what I do!

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1. Don't exercise. As much as I love my 30-minute mid-day power workout, when I'm coming down with something, I don't work out, and I take it easy in dance class. The body has a limited amount of energy, and I'd rather it spend all the energy possible fighting a possible flu rather than getting ripped abs.

2. Drink Orange juice + Whisky. Seriously though... I drink 2 huge glasses of OJ, each with a shot or two. Alcohol is antiseptic, and if I have anything in my throat, it'll kill it. OJ is packed with vitamins, minerals, natural sugars, and fiber.

3. Stay Hydrated. Whether that be with tea, coffee, water, apple juice, etc. make sure you stay hydrated! The more fluids you can wash into and out of your system, the more effective your lymphatic system will be.

4. Eat healthfully. Don't cave and eat junk food. Get some soup, chicken pot pie, a salad with protein, etc something for your body to run effectively on.

5. Do the Healing Codes. Every time I do the Healing Codes before I get sick, it curves the sickness and I fight it off. The times I'm ill are because I didn't do them! I know it sounds ridiculous... how can a few hand motions boost your immune system and help you fight off a cold? Well honestly I don't totally understand it, but it has to do with negative energy, spark plugs, and quantum physics. It's all very well explained, and if you're interested, you should totally check it out. I've had nothing but good experiences using it, even though nobody in my family believes me :p

6. Medicinal Essential Oils. Scratchy throat? Thieves. Aches and pains? Bath with rosemary and tea tree. Congestion? Hot wash cloth with peppermint and lavender on your face. Seriously, guys. These things are amazing. Why drink 30+ cups of tea when you can just rub a few drops of essential oil on your skin and get the same benefits?

7. Sleep. Seriously, go the f*ck to sleep. Sleep that crap off! Along the same lines as the "no exercise" rule... your body has limited energy stores. Let it use the stores to keep you healthy. Cancel your plans for the night, so you won't be canceling your plans for the whole week.

Good luck! Stay healthy, wash your hands,  and don't let kids sneeze in your face.

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