Kathy Ireland Lounge and Pajama Pants - A Lazy Girl's Dream Come True

You know how you have that one pair of PJs you wear all the time and you want to live in them?

In college I was obsessed with those thick fuzzy warm pants. I literally wore them all the time, everywhere. That's the thing about college, you can get away with wearing your pjs to class (and the cafeteria).

Now that I don't live in the mountains anymore and the coldest it ever gets is 40 degrees, I've retired my thick fuzzy pants in lieu of something more free-flowing. I wear my Kathy Ireland pants almost every night.

They're very soft, free-flowing, and comfortable. They're made of that super-soft t-shirt fabric everyone loves! I love that the elastic is strong enough to keep them on my hips, but not so tight that they leave a mark. It took 10 minutes for me to decide which pattern to get, but I ended up with the pink on pink.

I only wish the drawstring were real, not just a bow.

Seven patterns... which is your favorite?

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