Better eating challenge? Week 3...

It's been a long week.

Last week I was only in town Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday morning I headed off to my sister's hometown of New Bern NC where we helped her get her wedding in gear. We made treats, tore apart and re-setup the  church, and and shared many many bottles of wine.

And you know what? I don't feel guilty at all for eating fifteen buckeyes and a plate full of pimento cheese sandwiches. Because I've been eating really well the past few weeks, and I'm going to eat well this week too.

That's the point of this. It's not a "perfect diet," or a series of strict rules or recipes. It's about sticking to what you know your body needs, so you can splurge sometimes and not feel guilty.

Except yesterday, when I ate Taco Bell. I needed something fried.

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Moving on!

Yogurt with Granola
Bagel with Cream Cheese

PB and Fruit Mash
Graze snacks

Cheese, salami, crackers
Baked Potato and fixings

Hope you're hanging in there with me! Good luck!

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