Quest for the Best: Bluetooth Headphones

I love audiobooks (which you should know by now). I also love music, and listening to podcasts while I work, clean my room, or exercise. I'm lucky enough to have a phone that actually does what it's supposed to (you can read my adventures of electronic devices here) and I've recently been on a quest for the best bluetooth headphones for the money.

It took a while, but I've found them. Welcome to The Quest for the Best, Bluetooth headphones edition.

1-3 stars

Here's the first pair I've ever gotten. I give 'em a 3.5. They didn't fit my head very well, and I had to use a headband to keep them pressed into my ears (my head is the size of an eight-year-olds).

These had trouble pairing to my device, but once I got them the sound quality was okay. But they broke after one use, and didn't stay in my ears very well.

These suckers just straight-up would not go in my ears. there's something wacky about the shape/design. They won't go in/on/over however they're supposed to work! I gave them to my co-worker and she couldn't use them, so we gave them to my other co-worker and he tried them, and then threw them away. After posting my amazon review, the seller emailed me and asked me to take the review down!

+easy to use
+connect to my phone fine
+good instructions

-bad sound quality; very tinny and grainy, not fun to listen to music if your music goes down in quality by 50%
-the small size ear-bud covers DO NOT go on. I tried for almost 30 minutes (and I'm really good at this, cause I've reviewed a ton of these now) but they wouldn't go on.

All in all, they're like, maybe worth $10, but not $30.

These were horrible. bad sound, bad fit, bad controls. then they broke.

The sound quality on these were no good.

4 stars

I'd recommend these for wearing around the house, listening to audiobooks, etc. they don't get very loud; which is annoying when you're in the gym and don't want to listen to Justin Bieber.

These two from SoundPEATS were pretty good. They're both comfortable, pretty good sound, easy connectivity, and good controls. I use them a lot and am happy with them.

5 stars

These are the ones I prefer out of all of these. They're comfortable, they have a hook to keep them around the ears, but they're very flexible, so they fit around the ear without putting pressure on. 

And the sound quality is awesome!! I love them. 

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