The Kurim Case: A Terrifying True Story of Child Abuse, Cults, and Cannibalism by Ryan Green

The Kurim Case: A Terrifying True Story of Child Abuse, Cults, and Cannibalism by Ryan Green, narrated by Ernie Sprance Genre: True Crime
ISBN (print edition): 978-1535024389
Pub date: June 29, 2016
Rating: 4
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This book outlines the story of the Kurim Case, a case taking place in another country, and it reads like a report or a professional document. It is not a novel, but the story is still written with the intention to get the reader's attention, ask questions, bring to to a climax, and leave with a conclusion.

In the beginning of the work, he warns the reader that there are some details that someone with sensitivity should be cautious of. This warning was only mildly warranted; there were only a few instances where the torture endured by the victims was outlined in such graphic detail, and in the scheme of things, by a fluent reader of crime novels, it was some of the less violent and disturbing that I've read. That being said, if you can't get through your typical crime novel, or a James Patterson torture scene, best leave this one off your list.

All in all, I tore through it very quickly (it's short, so I listened at work, and read it in one sitting). It kept me engaged and interested, and I'm very satisfied with the work as a whole. I would have liked just a little more detail and breakdown of the mental disorders and psychological influence that happened (I love that kind of stuff) but for a fan of true crime who wants a quick engaging read, this is a great book!

The narrator was also very good. Narrators can make or break an audiobook production, and Sprance definitely made it.

Special thank you to the author for providing the Audible book to me!

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