I threw away all my makeup

Yes, you read that right. I threw away all my makeup.

I haven't worn makeup since I was sixteen. My teenage rebellious stage consisted of my mother telling me I looked so pretty when I did my makeup, so I stopped doing it because I was trying really hard to be angsty (I was such a bad kid).

After discontinuing use of makeup, I discovered all the watery eyes, burning skin, acne, and itchy face and neck was from the makeup I was putting on my face. My acne cleared up almost immediately and I felt so much better about myself.

I experimented with a few different brands of makeup, including Almay, Bareminerals, Bobbi Brown, and several others that claimed to be hypoallergenic, all of which made me have the same reaction. Being a ballet dancer, I had to wear makeup for my shows, and it was always a painful experience.

Eventually I gave up. I realized what it was that I was allergic to: stuff that didn't belong. Shortly thereafter, I noticed my skin responding to shampoo, conditioner, perfume, body wash, and hairspray.

Now I don't put anything on my skin except things that meet two or three of these qualifications:

  • things that come from a plant (directly with no added fillers)
  • things I can find in my pantry/refrigerator
  • things I can pronounce

So just to prove my point (and to make space in my bathroom, since I wasn't using it anyway), I threw it away. I stopped holding on to it. I'd kept it around as a sort of security blanket; "I can use it if I have to." But I'm over it. I'm happy with my skin, and even when I break out, it's totally not a big deal anymore.

So there it goes!

I also threw away my old perfumes, conditioners, and bath and body works soaps that I can't use.

Is there something you're holding on to that you have stopped using but you haven't gotten rid of yet? trust me, throwing it out feels so good.

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