True Bliss - stress relief essential oil blend by Living Pure

I recently got my hands on a bottle of True Bliss essential oil blend by Living Pure. I have used their oils before (I have their Frankincense). I am so happy with this True Bliss bottle.

It's a stress-relief blend that has Rose, Orange and other citrus, Cedarwood, Lavender, Vanilla, and Patchouli.

from Living Pure website

When I first opened the bottle it filled the whole room (granted it had leaked, see video footage here). I put it in the diffuser and it was amazing. I won't say it stopped my anxiety or made me pass out. But I will say it made me immensely happy, and I did feel more chill. 

I'm very happy with this oil. You can buy it directly from their website where they have free shipping and a promotion (buy 2 bottles, get a free bottle of lemon oil) or you can get it on Amazon for about half the price.

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