No, we are not. But we can be.

Two days ago I was thinking about a blog post related to the pledge of allegiance, and I decided against it because I thought it was a little past time. I changed my mind in light of what has been going on via facebook.

All over the internet, people are posting the pledge with UNDER GOD in all caps. As if this will make a difference. It is their facebook-election-prayer.

Unfortunately, we are a country where we justify murdering babies, we keep drug-addicted teens in prison longer than rapists and murderers, and our school system revolves around getting standardized testing grades up to acquire more money from the government.

We are not a nation under God.

We snubbed God a long time ago. We turned our back, threw up our hands, turned up our noses, and walked away.

This whole election has got everyone stressed because 1. The democrat can't be trusted, 2. The republican is disgusting, and 3. a third party hasn't won in ages. So it's between Voldemort and Umbridge. Hitler and the Anti-Christ.

But this is not the end. Here's why I'm not worried.

Whenever people freak out about what's happening, something they can't control, it's because they are believing lies. So here are the two lies we are believing, and the correct ones we need to replace that thinking with. Whether you believe in a sovereign God or not, you can still learn to replace lies with truth.

The Lie: The wrong candidate will win.

This is straight-up not true. Whoever is supposed to be president will be president. The wrong candidate will not win. The candidate who God wants in office will be in office. We may not understand His reasoning for it, but we have to be humble and trust. Here's the truth: God is in control of the election, and He will place His president where He wants them. 

The Lie: Once the president is in office, that's it.

Here's the amazing thing about God... He changes hearts. He can take any heart, young or old, hard or soft, So believe it or not, the candidate who gets into office doesn't even matter. Because we worship a God who changes people.

The Lie: There's nothing I can do.

Get on your face. Worship, pray, and fast. this nation will not change without sacrifice. Get a prayer group going where you each take an hour and pray around the clock. Write letters. Pray for the hearts of our people in office.

Let God be God.

So get on your face, trust the Lord, and maybe one day, America will be One Nation Under God again.  


  1. Excellent words to ponder. Thank you for sharing.




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