5 Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolution

We've all done this multiple times now. Guess what. Next year coming up 3 days from now? You're still stuck with the same person you've always been. You'll be lucky to make any changes. You'll wake up Sunday and be like "Alright let's do this" and by Wednesday you'll quit.

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Sound familiar?

Yeah that's cause you're doing it wrong.

Major life changes are hard to implement. Especially when you've done the same thing every day forever. But it's not impossible.

Here are 5 ways to actually make a change in your life and keep your resolution!

1. Set specific goals. You can't meet a goal if you don't know exactly what you want. 

  • "Eat Better" becomes "Eat veggies at least once a day"
  • "Work out more" becomes "work out twice a week."
  • "Read more books" becomes "read 1 book a month."
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2. Set realistic goals. You can't cut out all sugar, alcohol and fast food immediately and expect to stick to that... you're gonna binge. For example,

  • "No fast food" becomes "Fast food once a week for the month of January, then fast food once a month from there on."
  • "Work out every day" becomes "Work out twice a week."
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3. Make your goals long-term, baby-step, bite-size chunks. Don't throw yourself in all the way immediately, you will hate your guts.

  • "Get fit" becomes "Work out twice a week for 20-40 minutes for 2 months, and then contact personal trainer to re-assess workout plan."
  • "Drink less coffee" becomes "Cut coffee intake from 3 cups a day to 2 cups a day for the next 2 weeks, then bring it down to 1."
  • "Get more sleep" becomes "Set an actual alarm clock, and put phone downstairs every night for the next week, so I don't stay up on my phone too long. The next week, shower/brush teeth/prepare for bed by 9:00 every night."
  • "Get up earlier" becomes "Set alarm for 10 minutes earlier than normal every day for January. Then move it 10 minutes earlier than that for February." etc.

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4. Write it down. Even if nobody sees the notebook/journal/planner, writing it down helps you face yourself.

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5. Stay accountable. Whether it's a friend texting you, a Facebook resolution group you're a part of, or making YouTube videos documenting your progress, find a way to hold yourself to your resolution. Success is achievable within a power group!

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Good luck! What are your new years resolutions and goals this year, and what is your plan of attack to achieve them? 

My goals for January are: work out 5 days a week during lunch break, prepare my lunches ahead of time on Sundays, and eat what I pack for lunch! Just making that change will save me time, energy, money, and help me be healthier!

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