Patch me up with Patchouli Oil

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Patchouli is in the same genetic family as mint, sage, and lavender. It has a lot of the same health benefits, and is amazing for aromatherapy and topical use! Here are just some of the benefits for Patchouli essential oil.

1. Reduces inflammation and swelling - can be used for sore muscles, fevers, and infection

2. Helps stop depression by boosting moods and stimulating hormones.

3. Reduces scarring and helps accelerate the healing process by boosting healthy cell growth. It's also highly useful for relief for bug bites.

4. Helps reduce insomnia - I tried this awesome blend last night and I am totally in love with it! It is so relaxing and soothing, and is a great blend for evening time.

lavender oil, peppermint oil, patchouli oil

5. Diuretic - it will lower blood pressure and help pull toxins out of your body. This is awesome in incorporate when you have a cold or a fever. Flush your system out with a drop of Patchouli oil in your tea!

6. Known to help treat sexual problems for both men and women. The oil acts as a hormone stimulator, and has been known to treat ED.

7. It's also been known to help with dental health, body odor, and treat fungus and other infections!

Make sure you add Patchouli to your essential oil collection ASAP! 

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