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Today's Music Monday is because I've been desperate for some new rock music, so of course what did I do? I went on Noisetrade and searched for artists who were similar to Halestorm, Shinedown, and Hinder. I found way more than I expected, but this one artist is really making me happy.

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3 Pill Morning is a hard rock band from Minneapolis founded in 2004. They've had incredible success and just put out a new album entitled Never Look Back. Their first album, Black Tie Love Affair, is available on Noisetrade for free for a limited time!

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Listen and sample their music here, but trust me, if you're a fan of rock, it'll be on your ipod in less than 5 minutes.

(photos from 3PM website)

They just released their new album, available on Amazon, Itunes, Google play, and Pledge Music!

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From Noisetrade

Forged in the hard rock proving grounds of Minneapolis, MN in 2004, 3 Pill Morning could be described as trial by fire. Simply put, music was never a question for lead vocalist Jeff Stebbins and failure was never an option. While other musicians were moving from project to project and band to band, Stebbins took a different path, consistently growing and evolving 3 Pill Morning into an anthemic rock band no one could deny.

It took the better part of 5 years, over 500 shows in basement bars and the constant ups and downs of any young unsigned band. But nothing would stop the evolution of 3 Pill Morning. The band forged on, hitting the road harder than ever before, solidifying their sound, and cementing their spot as a national touring act sharing the stage with the likes of Hollywood Undead, In This Moment, Theory of a Deadman, Sevendust and Pop Evil. Through 3 Pill Morning’s consistent mile grinding and road warrior focus, the band has built an inspiring fan base with die hard supporters worldwide.

3 Pill Morning’s label debut 'Black Tie Love Affair' on Page2Music/A2Z/eOne pegs all the dials and pulls no punches. The band’s lead single ‘Rain’ immediately raced into the top 100 Active Rock songs, the album hit #62 on the Billboard Heat Seekers chart and their sleek video capturing the underdog story ‘Skin’ has lit up YouTube. All signs are positive that this band’s determination and fan-centric demeanor will keep them on the radar for years to come.

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