6 Secret Weapons To Keep You Safe

Hi, I'm a woman in the 21st century. I have two weapons on me at any given time, because it only takes someone breaking into your house and trying to rape you once for you to decide to start carrying something to protect yourself.

And with it being January and all you crazy mofos out at the butt-crack of dawn to run and get fit, just remember to be safe, yeah? And yes you could carry a taser or a knife (I always have one of the two with me) but you probably don't want to carry all that crap around with you... how about something more subtle?

So here are 5 weapons that are not obvious that you should always have on you, in case of emergency.

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1. A hidden blade on your keys. Everyone knows the "hold the keys between your fingers trick" but an actual blade can also come in handy. This one also comes with a multitool for your wallet.

2. Sharp knitting needles. Nobody suspects them! the Aluminum ones are very sharp and strong, and the plastic ones won't be taken away from you in a security check, especially if you have a project on them. (And yes you can hurt someone with plastic knitting needles. I've done it... I drew blood).

3. A voice and video recorder for your keys. Worried about subtlety recording a conversation or an unwelcome face? Don't pull out your camera phone, just hold your keys.

4. A Pen that could potentially kill your assailant. It has a tip that will break glass. It will definitely puncture skin and muscle if you punch hard enough. Also, nobody is going to suspect a pen.

5. Credit Card Blade. 
'nuff said.

6.  Your smart phone. Your smart phone is clever enough to have voice recognition. Program it to send an alert when you say a special word or phrase, like "Snickerdoodle" or "gas mask" or the less secret "Don't touch me."

Good luck and stay safe!!

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  1. This is a great list! I especially like the key-blade.



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