Back Posture Corrector by Yosoo

I have a habit of slumping. I slump a lot for a ballet teacher. Bad habit. Usually slumping and bad posture is a result of the muscles in the back and abs being weak (more on that later)

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I received a back posture corrector for review and testing. The device is fabric with Velcro straps to adjust to the specific size you need.

I wore it a little bit a few months ago, and wasn't happy with it. Recently I dug it out again and gave it another shot. I was a little more comfortable with it this time.

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What I found was I couldn't adjust it to be exactly what I needed. It was either too tight or too snug. It did help me keep my back straight, but I found myself pushing my ribs out a little.

Wearing the brace over a sports bra
I wore the corrector at home while cleaning (what, you don't clean while wearing a sports bra and yoga pants? you're missing out! vacuuming has never been so bad-ass!) and I wore it later at the studio while teaching.

While at the studio I wore it for about 2 hours, but I kept it under my shirt (mostly so the little ones didn't constantly ask me why I was wearing a back harness.)

It was subtle enough under the shirt, though a bit itchy once I started sweating. I took it off for my later classes.

Wearing the corrector under my shirt. the straps did show through but looked a lot like a heavy sports bra, and nobody noticed or asked about it.

It's definitely helpful, but more than forcing your back straight, it acts as a reminder that you're trying to keep your back straight. If all you need is that reminder, this is the product you're looking for. If you need something more.. aggressive... maybe keep shopping around.

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