Pioneer XDP-100 Full Review

My i-pod started freezing up, I'm poisonous to phones, and Microsoft stopped making Zune players... so I had to get a new mp3 player. I got mine at Best Buy, but you can get yours on Amazon for half off! Who knows how long that'll last...

****update, sale is over, sorry friends*****

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Pioneer XDP-100R
Dimensions: 0.5 x 3 x 5.7 inches
Weight: 0.8 ounces
Rating: 3.5 stars

The Pioneer XDP-100 is an Android mp3 player that is basically a smart phone without the phone. It is fairly large and thick, has a nice sized screen, and a small built in speaker sufficient for listening in the car or sharing a video with a friend. It had a bumper on the top when it came, but I removed it because it prevented me from plugging in a large aux cable. It is Wi-Fi compatible and Bluetooth compatible. It was released in December 2015, so when I first booted it up it needed quite a few software updates.

size of the device

2 micro SD slots, forward, back, pause/play, and power button

built in speaker, micro-usb charger

The appeal to the Pioneer is it is able to hold a significant amount of memory, and it plays extremely high-resolution tracks. It is excellent for someone who has so much music they have to choose wisely what they want to sync. The Pioneer has 2 Micro-SD slots, and you can organize your music by SD card, and then put in whatever cards you want depending on what you want to listen to. It can hold up to 2 200gb micro sds, meaning a total of 425 gigs is possible at any given time. Now, the Amazon and Best Buy pages both say the internal storage is 32, but when I'm looking at the device on My Computer, it only shows 25. That's why I say 25 in this review.

I have about 300 gigs of piano concertos and 400 gigs of audio-books. So I'm still going to have to shuffle SD cards around, but that's still a hell of a lot of memory (If you're in that position too, check this out)

drag the album art down to view your upcoming songs

operates like any android device, and uses internet. You can also hook it up to your phone plan and use your data, but you can't make calls.

my home screen. You can run apps like Audible, Google play, and Spotify

The controls of the Pioneer are very much the same as any Android device, with a few exceptions within the actual music software itself. It took a little practice to get control of it. The touch screen is highly sensitive and takes some getting used to, and careful manipulation otherwise you could end up deleting your favorite album instead of adding it to your playlist.

editing a playlist

selecting the ellipses besides a song pops up these options

Playlist view

The playlist controls are not perfect, but they are acceptable. You can edit, add, and re-arrange songs within your playlist directly on the device (see more about that below).

The equalizer is phenomenal. You can chose between presets, but also make your own custom mixes. It is not a typical bar click and drag equalizer; it's an X and Y axis design. Really took me by surprise and I had to screw around with it to find what I liked, but if you know what you want and being able to customize your sound is highly important to you, you will love the options it provides.

drag the album art up to view the equalizer 

Eq is currently set to a pre-set rock option

EQ options (there are all the normal ones you would expect) you can also edit your own settings and save it as your own preset.

There are a few issues I've found.
  • The bluetooth connectivity isn't great. It's fine as long as you're near the speaker/device you're connected to, or there is nothing in your way (i.e. fine in the dance studio... it's a big open room) but if I walk around a corner, forget it, it's toast. If my Pioneer is in my pocket and I'm using my bluetooth earbuds, it's choppy and struggles to play well. If it's in my purse, I might as well turn it off.
  • When playing a track or listening to a song within a playlist, I wish I could "Go to artist" or "go to album." From what I can tell, I have to go back to my folders or album/artist menu and search it manually. 
  • When adding a track to a playlist, it does not notify me if the song is already on my playlist.
  • I wish I could rate the songs in some way... thumbs up, heart, star rating, etc. the device itself won't let me do that. It does seem to recognize the songs I play most often, and pick them first when on shuffle.
  • Every once in a while, I get an error that says "Unfortunately, Music has stopped." my playlist will stop, and resume the last time I hit play (for instance, if I hit play on song 2, and then go back to my list and hit play for song 4, then let 5 more songs auto-play, then music "stops," it'll go back to song 4).
  • You can sync the music with a software, or you can click-and-drag from a file folder. Just know that if you drag it to the wrong place, you can't move it. You can delete it and then put it on again in the right place, but you can't drag it from one folder to another.
  • The battery life isn't amazing. Now it isn't horrible either... it plays for a good 16-20 hours if you leave the screen off. But I use the thing for 8 hours at the office, and then go to the dance studio and teach for 3-4 hours and use it there too, so I have to charge it nightly. 

I wish the computer software that was designed for the device was more all encompassing.
  • It allows for putting music on and off (and you can organize the music by choosing where you want it stored: either SD card, or the internal storage, which is nice). It does not allow for making/editing playlists. 
  • The device is also compatible with Media Monkey, and Windows Media Player. I do not have a preference between these two softwares, they seem to be about the same. WMP allows for me to make playlists on the software and then sync them to the device. Once added to the device, I can either play the playlist, or add all songs on that playlist to another playlist. I cannot add songs to the WMP playlist once the playlist is on the device. Neither software allows me to edit the song information once it's on the device.
the "Batch 3" playlist is one I made on WMP, and as you can see I can add it to another pre-existing playlist but I can't edit it in any way.
Extra options by clicking the 3 bars on the right-hand side

All in all I'm satisfied with the product, and I use it all the time. I'd recommend the Pioneer to people who play high-quality music and love Android. Also great if you use Google Play music, Amazon music, Spotify, Audible, etc. because it will run all those apps as well. 

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