How To Create A Secure Password

Yes I know we all do the same thing, we have like 2 passwords that we alternate... one for sites that don't care, and one for sites that require 12 characters, 2 special characters, 5 numbers, and the blood type of your first born child. And it's hard to come up with those.

So let me help you out with the best way to come up with complicated passwords that you can actually remember.

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I have been on social media and on the internet for a while, and only a few times have I actually had any of my accounts compromised.

Here is the best way to make a secure password!

GameStop, Inc.

First, think of a phrase, a word, or a name. It can be your middle name, maybe your childhood nickname, your pets name, etc. I'm going to use "Emily Thomas" just for no reason at all and because it's a pretty name.

Step 1: Make the word/phrase one long string. (to make it even more complicated, you can spell the word or phrase wrong.)

Step 2: Replace some of the characters with numbers (I'm doing the E and the O)

Best Buy Co, Inc.

Step 3: Add in some special characters. (I am replacing the i with an ! and the a with an @)

Step 4: Add at least 2 capital letters (I put them in places that were easiest to type. You're hitting the shift key for the ! so I made the following letter capital. Same with the @ and S)

For longer passwords, try something like this:
 The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog becomes:
1. thequickbrownfoxjumpsoverthelazydog
2. th3quickbrnfxjps0vrthelzyd0g
3. th3qu!ckbrnfxjps0vrth#lzyd0g!!
4. Th3qu!ckBrnfxjps0vrTh#lzyd0g!!

^ain't nobody gonna guess that sh!t. Good luck!!

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