Welcome to the Hardest Month of the Year

January is the hardest month of the year for me... I've had Christmas break, eaten too much food, and it's cold outside. Everyone is making new year's resolutions and I just want to smack people because we all know that "New year, New you" stuff is garbage (unless you do it right, of course).

But in light of my "Setting Better Goals" article on Thursday, I figured I'd share with you a breakdown of my goals for the month of January. I find it easier/better to set goals for the month rather than the year, since life changes drastically all the time.

So here we go!

1. Work out for 35 minutes during my lunch break on M, TU, W, F, and as long as I want on either Sat or Sun

2. Prepare my meals ahead of time on Sat or Sun, and eat what I pack for lunch instead of going out to eat

3. Wake up at 6:00-6:15 so I can get to work on time, and have quiet time in the morning.

4. Keep my planner with me at all times, and actually use it (my planner has everything; to-do list, schedule, workout plan, meal plan, blog notes, etc)

5. Send out wedding invitations by the end of the month!

Those are my goals for January. What are yours?

For more on setting better resolutions, check out my article here!

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