Eclipse Pro Grip Phone Holder

I was really hoping this would be awesome, because I've been needing one of these. Sadly, it's basically garbage.

$7.50 at Amazon

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The first thing I noticed was the packaging. It's very poor, there were no instructions, and the materials inside were just thrown in the box (they weren't wrapped or padded or anything). The ox wasn't super helpful as far as figuring it out.

I did manage to get it onto my window (after 4 tries with the suction, because it just kept falling off). I had to REALLY push to get it on there.

Then as far as the device, it's a sticky-back thing. Meaning if you have a phone ring or clip on your phone, or a case on your phone, you can't use it. It doesn't grip your device, it just sticks to it.

Lastly, the stick didn't hold, and my player fell off after 2 minutes. I left the suction on the window (because I was driving and didn't want to play with it) and it fell off 5 minutes later.

Remember friends, you get what you pay for. Maybe skip this one.

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