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Yes I am 25 and have chronic pain. I have a knot in my shoulder the size of a golf ball. When my shoulder locks up, there are 3 ways to get that knot out: get my Lover to pile-drive his elbow into it, drench myself in Radha peppermint oil, or crank this TENS up to 8 or 9 and shock the sucker out.

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What is a TENS? 
TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Basically, it's a way of stopping the body's pain receptors by sending little electrical pulses into the muscles.

How does it work?
You place the pads on or around your problem area, and it pulses or massages at your desired intensity. The unit comes with sticky-pads that hook up to the wires, and you place them directly on your skin. Set the device to however hard, light, or long you need, and sit back and relax.

Who can use it? Is it safe?
It is very safe! Anyone can use it, as long as you don't suffer from epilepsy, seizures, or have a pacemaker. Doctors are still debating if it's safe for pregnant women, so consult your GP.

Is it Expensive?
It's surprisingly affordable. The TENS unit is $39.98, and the 16 replacement pads are $9.99. I was able to get 4 or 5 uses out of the pads that came with the unit.

Not only that, for a limited time you can get free shipping and 15% off! just use code SPRING15!

How can I get one?
The one I got is here, at Easy@Home. You can also get replacement pads once the 4 that come with the unit are worn out.

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I really enjoyed using my TENS. I was able to use it while teaching, but if your back gets sweaty the pads will slide off. The controls were easy to use, but I wish there was a better way to lock the controls in place... if I put it in my back pocket, sometimes sitting or walking would adjust the intensity by accident!

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