What Do You Want? The Power of Visualization

There was a time when I would have rolled my eyes at what I'm about to write about. There will be many of you who will roll your eyes at it too.

But before you do roll your eyes and close you tab and move back into the interwebs, do me one little favor.

Close your eyes.

Okay now open them again and so you can read this.

Close your eyes and imagine you are sitting on a cloud. A soft, white, fluffy cloud. It's very large and squishy and comfortable. The sunshine is streaming down on your face and legs and warming you up. There's a gentle breeze keeping you just cool enough to enjoy it. Maybe it's completely silent. Maybe you hear the wind. Maybe you hear birds and smell flowers. Your hair is whisping around tickling your face and you feel your body melting into your cloud.

Feel better? Good.

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Did any of that really happen to you? No it didn't. But you probably felt it pretty strongly. Maybe you didn't feel it strongly at all because you were just reading it. Go back and see it again. Close your eyes, block out the world, see it, feel it, own it. Make it happen to you. Make your mind your palace and let it be real, just for a minute. Let it happen as long as you want it to.

This is called Visualization. I've written about it before on my other blog in regards to dance and how it can help dancers improve their technique. I also taught a workshop at my studio this past weekend and guided the dancers through some exercises and it was really amazing.

I'm going to spend the next few blog posts explaining how you can use Visualization to get what you want.

Enrico Cecchetti (famous dancer) said "The limbs are servants to the mind." Meaning whatever your mind tells you to do, your body will do it. We all know this, but I think sometimes surface knowledge doesn't penetrate us, and we don't really think about how we can use it. Just imagine for a minute being able to tell your body to do whatever you want it to!

"Okay Haley you're just being silly now. You can't use your brain to do whatever you want to do."

Yeah okay. How about I prove you wrong. 

  • Visualization can boost the immune system and help you get over a cold
  • Visualization can change your attitude
  • Visualization can put you in a completely different mood or mindset.
  • Visualization can help relieve pain.
  • Visualization can train your muscles to be stronger.
  • Visualization can re-train and re-set muscle memory
  • Visualization can turn off dyslexia
  • Visualization can help you remember things
  • Visualization can help you realize your potential... so you can actually reach it.

So here's what you need to do.
1. Decide what you want.

Maybe it's physical (loose some weight). Maybe it's emotional (depression/anxiety). Maybe it's that you'll stop forgetting everything you need from the store as soon as you leave the house.

2. Practice seeing it in your mind.

Example: Dancer knows how to do a perfect turn, but keeps falling down, because when she closes her eyes and does it in her minds eye, she falls down in her mind. Solution: practice in your head first, get it right in your mind, then the body will follow.

Example: You can't remember where you put anything. Solution: think of your mind as an external hard-drive. You need to keep it synchronized with your laptop so you know what's been backed up and what hasn't. Every time you put something down, visualize putting it there in the imaginary house in your mind. (This is called a "Mind Palace." more on that later).

Example: You're very ill and you know the medicine is helping, but every time you take it, you feel sick and horrible. Solution: in your mind, you are seeing the medicine as evil, attacking your body, or causing discomfort, You need to change that image; let it be little fighters going into your immune system. Let it be medicine that turns into flowers blooming. Purposefully associate a positive image with the action of taking your medicine, and the psyche will follow.

So before I can write another post, I need to know...

What do you want? 

Which of the above mentioned items in my list are you most curious about?

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