Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas

I've seen lots of these posts, but sometimes the prompts and guidelines are very vague and I don't end up with any good ideas after reading them.

I wanted to put together a list of really inspiring and interesting questions/prompts so for everyone that are specific and unique! Some of these I gathered from various different sources, and others I came up with myself.

Good luck and happy blogging!

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The Ultimate List of Blog Post Inspiration Ideas! And yes I will be adding to this list as I come up with stuff! Leave your ideas in the comments if you want to be added/linked!

  1. __ things you didn't know about me
  2. __ essentials to bring with you when you go (place)
  3. an interview or history/research post on someone you admire
  4. quotes to live by, what they mean to you, how you heard them, and how they apply to your life. I did a whole series on this once!
  5. Playlist I'm obsessed with, and what I like to do while listening, why those songs are important, etc
  6. Feature other blogs you read regularly and why you love them
  7. Write about a routine that is part of your daily life
  8. Letter to your past/future self, future child/husband etc, random stranger you met in the grocery store, etc.
  9. Join a blog or writing challenge
  10. What I'm Obsessed With Right Now or a Wishlist post (great for spreading around near birthdays!)
  11. Things you love/hate about (season)
  12. Family traditions that other people think are absurd/hilarious/ridiculous 
  13. family traditions you'd never heard of until you met _______
  14. 10 things to do in your hometown/current city/college town
  15. If you could go back to college, what would you do differently?
  16. If you could change something in your past, what would it be and why?
  17. ___ things I wish I knew before I (graduated/got a job/started hunting for an apartment/started dating/invested money/bought a Hyundai etc)
  18. Vote posts: which do you prefer? 
  19. Something that you witnessed that didn't make the news that should have
  20. Favorite Clothing/Homegoods/bathroom items/office items etc using affiliate links and images (rake in that $$$)
  21. ____ Facebook Groups/group pinterest boards/forums you need to join immediately
  22. ___ Subscription boxes you should check out immediately.
  23. Look at your stats and see what are your 5 most popular posts. Compare those to your 5 least popular posts that you still really like and wish had taken off. Find some way to combine the two ideas.
  24. "If I were president..."
  25. write about the worst prank you ever experienced/played on someone
  26. embarrassing moment!
  27. Your favorite websites for blogging resources/stock images/sharing your blog posts
  28. Try doing something you've never done for a period of time (day, week, month, etc) and blog about the experience.
  29. __ ways to let go of stress
  30. 10 accomplishments you are most proud of
  31. Shake up a classic recipe
  32. re-write a story from another perspective... either something you read, something that happened to you, something you witnessed, etc.
  33. How I met (person)
  34. rewrite a fairytale to have a completely different ending
  35. Go to the dollar store, spend $5, and make a tutorial DIY craft
  36. Take a famous song/poem/quote and turn it into a Mad Lib. Bonus points if you can turn it into a form where your readers can submit the words and read the madlib when they're done!
  37. what about yourself are you proud of/not proud of?
  38. Favorite childhood vacation
  39. Ideal/dream vacation
  40. Scariest moment
  41. Most religiously inspiring moment
  42. Dream you had that changed you
  43. The moment you discovered what you were supposed to be when you grew up.
  44. 10 questions I would ask (famous/dead/imaginary person)
  45. Laugh-post: (number) things you should watch/read/do right now if you need a good laugh
  46. Cry-post: (number) things you should watch/read/do right now if you need a good cry
  47. Opinion post: when you read an article or watch a movie that you don't agree with, bookmark it, write it down, and write about why you don't agree. 
  48. What does your blog name mean?
  49. Share your 10 most inspiring photos/quotes/websites to help other bloggers and writers
  50. Start a blog hop: find other bloggers in your niche and have them all link one of their favorite posts, then hop around from one to another
  51. Start a blog tour: Pick a theme that everyone will write about, and each blogger picks one day. Then you post a list of all the other bloggers links so readers can follow the tour
  52. If I knew you would die in a day/week/month/year, what would you do?
  53. write a promo post for your favorite charity/nonprofit
Again, I'll be adding to this list. Happy blogging!

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