Whispers of the Mind

You know how sometimes you have something you need to deal with and you don't want to deal with it so you keep putting it off and thinking "eh, I'll take care of that later."

That's how I feel about this series.

Bare with me, this is gonna be a tough one.

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It's funny how subconscious tries to tell us things. It's funny how dreams happen out of things that occurred during the day, or things that we are stressed about, or things we are afraid of. If we would just pay attention maybe we would gather more from our own souls.

Last night I dreamed that I was blind. And then I wasn't. And then I was. And then I wasn't again... my vision was blinking in and out, one second I could see, the next I could. Almost like I was opening and closing my eyes, but I had no control over it. I did everything I could think of to get my eyes to stay open... I rubbed them, held them shut, and even tried washing my face... nothing. My eyes were opening and closing on their own; one second open, one second closed.

But I had stuff to do, and a little bit of blindness wasn't going to stop me. So I head out to the back yard, trying to feel my way with my hands and kick stuff out of the way during the brief one-second intervals I had my vision. I remember grabbing a stick and using it like a cane to move stuff out of the way. All the blinking was making me dizzy at one point so I just shut my eyes.

And since it was a dream, I went to a movie theater and saw a guy walking around with a gun, had wax poured on me, saw a ghost wreck a train and end up in a parallel universe, found rats in the garden, then went to a pole dance studio.

Because that's how dreams work.

But here's the good part.

I woke up to a flashing light. One second the room was illuminated red, the next second it was dark again. One second on, one second off.

My diffuser was telling me it was out of water.

My brain was taking the outside stimuli (my reality of the flashing light) and interpreting it (my blindness in my dream). My mind was trying to tell me something.

And sometimes dreams are just flukes, and sometimes they're just your brain trying to organize stuff you experienced. Sometimes you're trying to work out a problem. But sometimes it's your brain trying to tell you something important.

So next time you have a dream... listen.

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