Why Are We So Afraid Of Bread?

Why are we afraid of bread? What's with this new "Carb-free" thing people are obsessed with? Bread is really important.

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1. Carbohydrates are the only molecule your brain uses as food. Proteins can be broken down and your brain can run off a bi-product of them, but carbs fuel your brain.

No brain, no life.

Now that's some math I can handle.

2. It's not bread itself you should be afraid of. What's in your bread? Sugar, bleached flour, preservatives... yeah I'd stay far away from that.

Rule of thumb: If you can't keep your bread on the counter for more than 3 days without getting moldy, you shouldn't be eating it, because there's no nutrition in it.

3. Bread -- the right kind of bread -- is actually very good for you. Whole grains, proteins, vitamins, minerals, complex carbs, and fiber are what your body needs!

There are just a few kinds of bread I really like.

Food Lion makes a 12-grain loaf covered in seeds, and it's amazing. Some avocado on that sucker and you've got a power breakfast. They also have Dave's Killer Bread, which is incredible.

Ezekiel 4:9 bread is packed with all the grains the Bible says should be in bread... does that make it holy? I think it just makes it healthy.

And of course, my mom's homemade bread. <3 Amazing!

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