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Enjoying pink lemonade on the porch
1. I have Home-schooled my whole life except one year, when I went to a private Christian school. I didn't do well. 

2. I have 20/50 vision, and an astigmatism. Basically I can't see a damn thing without bifocals, which I tend to lose on a regular basis

3. I'm addicted to Classical music (I have over 1000 hours of it on my computer) and Rock music, which is an interesting combination.

4. I teach ballet, pointe, and pilates! I've taught ages 2-50! And yes, two-year-olds can do ballet! I've been teaching since I was sixteen, and started teaching art to kids around the same time. I also teach pottery (wheel and handbuilding), quilting and sewing, 

5. I'm allergic to chocolate, which is by far the worst allergy to have ever. (No not really. There are worse allergies). Unfortunately, the allergy doesn't affect my intake of the substance.

6. I've been supernaturally healed more times than I can count. My shoulder injury was healed. I had carpel tunnel in both arms at the same time, and I was healed. I watched my shorter leg grow out half an inch so that now both legs are the same length. I have had sprained ankles and scratches and colds and stomach-aches and knots in my back go away with the touch of a hand. It's like every time I get sick or injured God is like "oh, here, let me get that for you." 

7. I write young adult fiction. I'm currently working on a story about a psychic spy who can blow stuff up with her brain and has dissociative identity disorder. It's fun.

8. I suffer from Depression, Anxiety, and a sleep disorder known as REM disorder (causes hallucinations). I try my best to blog my feelings out, and my goal is to eventually help others through the same path I've been suffering on since I was eight.

ear cuff
9. When I was sixteen, my ballet teacher forced me to get my ears pierced for a show. We had specific earrings we had to wear, and I couldn't find clip-ons that matched. I got them pierced at Piercing Pagoda. They didn't get infected, but I did find that my ears are highly allergic to every metal, and if I wear low-quality earrings for more than 30 seconds, my holes turn black and start bleeding. If I wear high-quality metal (pure gold, etc) I can wear earrings for about an hour before my ears start to react. Currently, one ear has closed up and the other is still half-way pierced. I now wear Ear Cuffs.

10. Along the same lines, my skin is highly sensitive and I can't use any beauty products with fragrance, preservatives, perfume, or pigment. All my makeup is home-made and all my skin care is all natural. You should check out my All Natural tag if you want to know more!

DIY Makeup

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