BioFinest Essential Oil - Green Tea and Almond

I got a chance to test out some oils by BioFinest!

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BioFinest prides themselves on being transparent about their products; they will tell you exactly what is in them, how the oil was extracted, and where the plant came from. All their oils are 100% Non GMO and Organic, and they never use fillers. They also have a money-back guarantee. You can read all about the company here.

One of the first things I do when I test oils is check to see how tightly the bottle top is screwed on (I don't like my oils leaking during the shipping process. Neither of my oils leaked, and the seal was very tight!

The two oils I got to test were Green Tea, and Almond Oil carrier. Upon opening the Green Tea, I noticed how sweet and earthy it was. It felt clean. I put a little on my wrists, and then used some in my diffuser with some Lemon from good 'ol Viva.

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The mix of the green tea and them lemon was awesome! I also noticed how slowly each drop came out; it was very easy to measure and count my drops with how controlled the portioning was.

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I also got to try some Almond carrier oil. It was delicious and smooth, smelled lovely, and also came out fairly slowly (though a bit faster than the green tea). I mixed it with my Five Guards and put it on my feet on a night felt like I was getting sick.

I've really enjoyed my oils so far and look forward to trying more by BioFinest!

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