Classy Enclosed Liter Boxes for your Cat

All cat owners hate the litter box. If you're lucky you can train your cat to use the toilet, but my cat prefers to use that article as a water-bowl, so we can't do that. Living in a small apartment with a cat is fine, but it's so important to have a clean and discrete litter box!

DIY Ideas and Inspiration for Enclosed Kitty Litter Box

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Right now I keep my litter box under the bathroom sink (I took the cabinet doors off and made a curtain to go in front). My cat is chill with it, but she has this nasty habit of covering her business with fearsome energy, therefore scattering litter around the room. I want to make her an enclosed box we can put somewhere (maybe the laundry room or the patio?) but that means no scattered litter!

So here are my favorite Pinterest choices for enclosed litter boxes!

The Original DIY Mess-Free cat box from Living Well Mom is useful, but not that pretty. If I made one, I would probably make it slightly differently to make it look nicer. What I like about this is she has to jump up and out, and she can't just track the litter out of the box.

cat box, litter box, mess-free,

This one is also very similar, but it has a carpet on top to let kitty scratch when she's done.
cat box, litter box, mess-free,

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This box is inside a Cabinet and has a pillow on top. Check out the DIY Network for the how-to
cat box, litter box, mess-free,
What I love about this is my cat would have to climb out of the litter box and onto a carpet, which would then catch the crumbs and litter bits before she excited the bathroom. This would keep the litter in one place.

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This is a pull-out IKEA hack box, also enclosed and mess-free. 

cat box, litter box, mess-free,

This box isn't be quite as concealed as I'd like, but I could put this whole unit in a cabinet or box. I love that the top shelf has food and water - Everything for kitty in one spot. (No link for this one)

cat box, litter box, mess-free,

This isn't a DIY, it's already made, by Wayfair
cat box, litter box, mess-free,

And this one is my personal favorite, and will probably be what I model mine after. (also no link, just pics).
cat box, litter box, mess-free,

Which is your favorite? When I make mine, I'll post a tutorial :D
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