My Wish List - Kitty Edition

We've moved into our new apartment! SQUEEEEE I'm psyched, guys. I love it.

I haven't moved Ariel in yet, but I will after the honeymoon. I want her to love our new home as much as I do!

I was going through Pinterest the other day and noticed just how many cat-themed things I have on my Wish List board (btw Pinterest is a much better vehicle for Wish Lists than Amazon. Just sayin'.)

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For My Kitty
Laptop Scratch Pad
Suction Cat Window Solarium
Temptations - you have no clue how much she loves these.

Scratcher and Box - she has scratched the daylights out of this thing and won't let me throw it out.

For Me
Kitty Door Sign 

This sweater of Awesomeness

Cookie Cutters!

a cat hoodie! Brilliant!

pizza, tacos, and cats - my 3 favorite things.

and for us - a friendship necklace/charm

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