This Isn't What I Had Planned

It’s 2 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon. I’m sitting on our new (new to us) couch in our new apartment in my pajamas. This morning I woke up without my alarm going off, something I haven’t done in months. I lay in my new (new to me) queen-sized mattress on soft clean sheets with the sun coming through the blinds, listening to birds chirp.

I made a nice breakfast with eggs and cheesy-rosemary bread and peppered bacon, and hot coffee with Irish cream. Lover came over and sat at the table while I cooked, looking like a zombie, but he perked up at the coffee and bacon. After breakfast, we cleaned and chatted, enjoyed a lazy Sunday nap, and he left to go do some work to prepare for the week.

It is now 2 o’clock and I’m sitting on our couch, in my pajamas, cuddled under a seriously soft blanket and watching the birds out our window.

This was not the weekend I had planned.

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We were supposed to drive down to my family’s hometown for pre-marital counseling. We were going to have tacos with my mom, and chat with my dad, and hang out with my brother. We were going to drive there yesterday and come home this afternoon, leaving us about 6 hours to prepare for the busy upcoming week. In fact, I should be on the road right now.

But yesterday at about 3 o'clock, right when we were supposed to leave, my car wouldn’t start.

So I’m stuck at my apartment with no internet, no phone data, and no car. I have no food to do meal preps, I have no dirty laundry to wash, I have no clothes to fold or pots to clean.

I’m forced to rest.

And it’s so. F*cking. Nice.

I’m so tired, guys. I’m tired of wedding planning, I’m tired of driving all the time. I’m tired of working 2 full-time jobs. I’m tired of coming home too exhausted to be able to even eat, so I just climb into bed and pass out hungry. And even though there are tons of things I could be doing right now, I can’t do any of them, because I’m sitting in a mostly empty apartment with no car and no phone data, and it’s so awesome.

What about the car? It turned out to be a battery problem. we jumped it and it was fine. The shop tried all day to get it to repeat the issue, and it finally failed and they were able to diagnose it as a dead battery and swap it out. An inexpensive issue and a weekend at home, an easy fix.

Just remember that when things don’t go as planned, sometimes it can be for the best. Sometimes when you're running late, or you miss your alarm, or your plans get canceled, you can't see the good in it. Sometimes when your car won't start you can't see the good in it. Sometimes when you get sick or sprain your ankle or get fired, you can't see the good in it.

And that's okay - sometimes you don't see the good until later.

But just remember that God can use any situation to do good, and use any situation as a gift. If you keep your eyes fixed on him, things will fall into place.

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