Your New Favorite T-Shirt Company!

You know what's awesome? Cute t-shirts. In fact I have a whole Pinterest board of clothes that you should check out (and totally buy for me. I'm a women's Medium. Thanks!).

But you know what's better than cute shirts?

Design By Human shirts.

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I was lucky enough to get myself a free DBH t-shirt and I wear it at least once a week. I wear it at home while Hubs plays games, I wear it at the dance studio when I teach kids, and I wear it at work (because my work-place dress code is "wear clothes." I have the best job).

So without further adieu, here are some great reasons to stick with this company!

5 Reasons to shop at Design By Humans

1. $8 (25% of profits) goes to a verified charity. So when you buy cute clothes you're also helping others.

I mean, you're gonna buy a cute shirt anyway, why not buy it from somewhere that actually has some morals?
Sushi Pug shirt

2. DBH uses art from people like me and you - it's a chance to share your art in a t-shirt, art print, or phone case! Think of it as a combination of Cafe Press, Etsy, and Tumblr.

3. Great customer service and fast delivery. 'nuff said.

Mrow. Saberhagen shirt..

4. The shirts actually fit, and are made with some of the highest quality materials. Also they use real models!

5. You can search stuff by category. I mean they have a whole section for Cats, Geek, Space, Pandas, and Food.

Waifu Material is so Kawaii!

             Free stuff? Help yourself.

Here's the shirt I got! I love it so much.
Seal of Approval! 

Enjoy, and I hope you have fun exploring DBH!

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