Healing Skin Balm - All Natural Remedy for Scarring, Acne, and Itching skin

My Husband had a bad habit all through college... one I didn't discover until recently.

He bought the cheapest laundry detergent and fabric softener he could find.


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Of course as you can imagine, that resulted in skin rashes, acne, scarring, and itching. I caught him scratching at his arms one day and noticed all the little red bumps.

"Hey," I said. "You're allergic to your laundry detergent and softener."

"Oh. Huh."

*second face-palm of the day*

          Learn more about Frankincense here

So what did I do? Three things.

1. Made my own laundry detergent
2. Made my own fabric softener
3. Made Hubs his own special jar of healing skin balm!

He's still dubious of the detergent and softener, but he loves the skin balm.

          What is Tea tree oil, anyway?

Healing Skin Balm 
For scars, acne, and itching skin

1 oz Shea butter
1 oz Mango butter
1 oz Coconut butter
4 drops Frankincense
4 drops Rosemary
2 drops Tea tree
(get all 3 from Radha Beauty)
*Optional: 1 tbs beeswax pellets if you want, but I don't like the feeling of beeswax on my skin
*Optional: 2 drops Lemon EO.

Heat until all butters are liquid and fully combined. add Essential Oils, mix well, and put in the fridge until solid. You can keep it cool in the fridge, or you can leave it out in a cool dark place. Hubs keeps his in the fridge because he likes it cold.

To use, scoop small amount (size of a pea) and rub into affected area until absorbed.

If you don't rub it in enough, it will be oily and greasy on the surface - rub it in!

             Rosemary Essential Oil

Hope you like it! Want my recipes for detergent and softener? Keep your eyes peeled!

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