May Goals, April #Roundup and Wedding Photos!

May Goals:

  • Post at least 1 recipe
  • Make 1 video tutorial
  • Finish the draft blog posts I've started so I can actually share them with you! (there's like six).

April was a fast month for me. I had one goal. Get married. We succeeded!

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Here are just a few of my favorite photos from the wedding (on the 7th). Our photographer was amazing.


I made my own wedding dress.

(that'll be another post, another day.)
Before the wedding

fixing the dress

my dress turned out so perfect!

pinning my mom's corsage

my bridesmaids opening their gift boxes

my sister
One of my friends made these beautiful embossed cards

My flower girl is the BEST flower girl.

Me and my dad

My hubs is so excited

He didn't stop kissing me for a long time

Finally married!

Couples photos

He's a good dancer

my daddy

hubs and momma


toasts - my mom is a potter and made our wine glasses!
 If you'd like to see the rest of the ceremony and reception photos, you can click here.

We stayed at a lovely cottage (airbnb)

view from the cottage

view from the cottage
We went for a drive and a picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway

I love mountains.

Hubs tolerated the mountains... he's afraid of heights but took me anyway because he loves me.

we had a picnic.

view from our picnic spot

While on our honeymoon, we ate a lot of cool places, and drank a lot of awesome beer.

Mama's and Beer (sometimes called Papa's and Beer. Same resturant)
 Switzerland Cafe and General Store, at which I had amazing BBQ sliders and Hubs had Cheeseburger soup that was to die for.

Mama's and Beer in Asheville, which was so legit we decided we wanted to go back just to eat there again. colorful tiles, a salsa bar, and pixalated images of cowboys on the table. awwwww yeahhhhhh.
We ate at an amazing Indian restaurant called Mela, also in Asheville. We go there every chance we get (I went to school at WCU, which is nearby). They're $$$ but 187.3% worth it.

Boonie's Pizza, a Christian and Amazing pizza joint outside Green Mountain proper. best pizza I've ever had, and we eat a lot of pizza.

We also went to Magpie's Meat and Three, which is a cool place where you pick one meat entree and three sides. I can't eat three sides though so I got the world's best Mac n Cheese, and grilled pork loin.  

Magpie's also had incredible dessert. I got Buttermilk pie with cranberry sauce. Hubs got Banana pudding with caramel sauce. He said it was the best thing he's ever eaten in his life. 

Magpie's Meat + Three in Brevard, NC.
While in Brevard, it would be a sin not to go to at least one waterfall. 

Looking Glass falls

Best. Vacation. Ever.

We also went to Little Switzerland, which was super gorgeous and adorable. 

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